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Here at 883 Police, we always enjoy seeing our name in print. The more magazines that notice our savvy style prowess, the more people who get to be introduced to the 883 Police family. Our autumn/winter 2015 lookbook certainly drew its fair share of new fashion fans, with articles being featured in Latest Magazine and .Cent Magazine. We know it’s the creative edge of our collection that drew so much attention, but we think the photoshoot with bad boy models Bud and Aiden sporting our t-shirts and jackets didn’t hurt, either.

Latest Magazine and .Cent Magazine certainly each draw their fair share of style-savvy readers, with the latter having a high-traffic presence on Facebook and Instagram. We’re big fans of the Cent social media feeds.

Cent in particular is an interestingly presence in the modern digital community. The popular, interactive hub comprises a website, magazine and digital TV site. The whole idea behind .Cent is to celebrate creativity and flair, and it’s because of this that the website has such heavy weighting with dedicated followers of fashion.

The .Cent website focuses on a fresh theme each month, and builds topical posts and images around that theme, combining fashion, art, literature and much more. The .Cent magazine is penned by a collective of creatives, looking at hot topics surrounding fashion, design, literature, architecture and more. As with the website, each issue is shaped around a theme, and the finishing touches are put to each issue by a different guest editor every month.

The website takes an interesting angle in modern digital content, and commands high numbers of traffic every single day. Head on over to add your digital footprint to the website, and immerse yourself in .Cent’s world of all things creative and cultural. And check out this link to see what .Cent Magazine had to say about what we’re doing over here at 883 Police.

And when you’re done? Head back to the official 883 Police online store and use your newfound style knowledge to build a new, versatile capsule collection for the coming season. With a host of designer apparel and a massive 10% discount if it’s your first order, there’s plenty of reasons to shop with 883 Police. Oh and here’s another: free delivery if you spend more than £50. So, what are you waiting for?

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