Spring Summer 2022


Mens Designer Jackets

Spring is well and truly round the corner and with that, comes a whole host of jackets and coats available to wear; designer, bomber, casual, coats with fur, leather, parka, puffer, waterproof. Plus, with all the varieties available; men’s black jackets, men’s fleece jackets, men’s work jackets, men’s waterproof jackets – the choice can be overwhelming.

So, how do you choose one that’ll see you through the seasons?

Firstly, it’s important to make the choice as to which is the most versatile for your own personal style. Plus, your coats need to match your existing wardrobe to ensure you won’t need to invest in a range of various types of jacket to coordinate with various attire.

For example, does your current wardrobe include a lot of smart shirts? Then you’ll want zip up jackets to ensure you can show off your outfit. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Then you’ll need winter men’s waterproof jackets or a padded jacket with hood to ensure you’re protected against the elements. Wear a lot of smart or formal wear? Then you’re better choosing men’s suit jackets specifically. Is your style more casual? Why not go for hoodies or lightweight jackets.

Next up, it’s colour. Have a lot of neutral in your existing wardrobe? Then opt for khaki, brown, green, beige and grey colours. Alternatively, if you like a pop of colour in your wardrobe or even if you opt for black, why not mix it up with a retro/vintage orange or red shade?

There’s no harm in shopping around for the most value for money coat or jacket. Bear in mind, it’ll need to be a quality jacket in order to last – so cheap is not always the best option! Be sure to check for any designer sale, an online outlet.

Alternatively, wait until big sale events across the UK – for example, be sure to check out your favourite retailers for their Black Friday sale to ensure you get the most bang for your buck! Many retailers also do Klarna purchases now also, which allows you to spread the cost into more affordable payments if there is a splurge you just can’t keep yourself from!

There’s no reason you can’t purchase a decent, quality jacket for under £100 though and be sure to check out your favourite men’s magazines online, such as GQ, as they tend to do product round-ups whenever there is a bargain to be had!

If you’re looking for a spring quilted jacket without hood, then look no further than the Relating Jacket. A perfect outdoor jacket with no hood, it comes with fur collar and is a super stylish bomber jacket with zip sides. The faux fur shell bomber has a removable collar, utility pockets and is made from 100% polyester meaning it’s easy to wear, lightweight and will see you through the seasons.

Plus, it’s on sale!

With a wide range of men’s big and tall jackets and men’s X large jackets on 883 Police, this jacket is available in a range of sizes from small, medium, large to XL and even XXL.

If you’re looking for a long coat/jacket then look no further than the Platt Black Jacket. With extra long sleeves, with fur hood, this quilted coat is perfect for a range of shapes and sizes from XL tall (due to its long length), it is heavily detailed and long fitted, padded and hooded – everything you need to combat the cold weather!

With a down-like feel, it’s an ideal coat for those colder days but also stylish enough to dress up or down accordingly. This jacket is for sale for only £165 and comes in a wide range of sizes from small, medium, large to XL and XXL. Also, it’s free standard delivery on items over £70 so you’ll get it in no time at all!

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  1. Palette Black Jacket
    Palette Black Jacket
    As low as £400.00
  2. Knott Jet Black Gilet
    Knott Jet Black Gilet
    As low as £80.00
  3. Dulgar 812 Denim Jacket
    Dulgar 812 Denim Jacket
    As low as £95.00
  4. Poll Black Jacket
    Poll Black Jacket
    As low as £95.00
  5. Leadale Black Gilet
    Leadale Black Gilet
    As low as £80.00
  6. Padding Navy Gilet
    Padding Navy Gilet
    As low as £65.00
  7. Poll Khaki Jacket
    Poll Khaki Jacket
    As low as £95.00
  8. Haslet Black Jacket
    Haslet Black Jacket
    As low as £105.00
  9. Avant Black Jacket
    Avant Black Jacket
    As low as £90.00
  10. Padding Prince Blue Gilet
    Padding Prince Blue Gilet
    As low as £65.00
  11. Padding Black Gilet
    Padding Black Gilet
    As low as £65.00
  12. Stack Black Jacket
    Stack Black Jacket
    As low as £95.00
  13. Upsides Black Jacket
  14. Singo Leather Jacket
    Singo Leather Jacket
    As low as £400.00
  15. Ward Black Jacket
    Ward Black Jacket
    As low as £110.00
  16. Hook Black Jacket
    Hook Black Jacket
    As low as £110.00
  17. Textured Black Jacket
    Textured Black Jacket
    As low as £400.00
  18. Blum Red Jacket
    Blum Red Jacket
    As low as £105.00
  19. Volta 532 Denim Jacket
    Volta 532 Denim Jacket
    As low as £110.00
  20. Arctic Black Jacket
    Arctic Black Jacket
    As low as £290.00
  21. Davi Black Jacket
    Davi Black Jacket
    As low as £130.00
  22. Miko Black Jacket
    Miko Black Jacket
    As low as £110.00
  23. Raymo Navy Jacket
  24. Padding Red Gilet
    Padding Red Gilet
    As low as £60.00
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