Reject conformity, refuse to play by the rules

Originating from Italy in 1983, POLICE Lifestyle now has an international presence, appealing to authentic individuals with daring personalities. It carries a style that effortlessly asserts itself all over the world. The brand was created to stand out with its values, representing everything people want to wear.

A brand without labels, conventions and brakes, targeting real and authentic individuals who perpetually refuse to play by the rules.

Transformation of style

POLICE rides trends but then goes further to assert its personality with positive re-invention and innovation each season.

Collaborations and experiments have lead to successes such as the iconic blue mirrored lenses, the eagle emblem, premium denimwear and edgy timepieces all a result of representing bold expression.

Over the years the brand has transformed it's style into a 'lifestyle' and thanks to collaborations with high-calibre celebrities like Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham and most recently Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton the brand's values have been given a voice.

Exporting audacity

Today, the brand exports its concept of style and audacity to over 100 countries worldwide, creating dedicated collections that speak the language of its community is home to the complete collection of apparel available in the UK along with accessories designed for the fast-paced and casual man. A focus on functionality, fit and design has been brought together to create the perfect look, ready for everyday challenges.

A broader range of internationally available accessories and glasses can be viewed at

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